Snow Day | JORD wood watches

I have always been a long time fan of the snow but now I am officially a fan of wood watches too! About a month ago I received my JORD wood watch in the mail. I was so surprised to find the watch keeping with its wood trend, by being packaged in a wood box with the JORD logo on top. I am always a sucker for packaging so this definitely was a plus! 

I have been wearing my JORD watch almost everyday for the last month and have nothing but good things to say about it! I was a little tentative at first thinking, "how can a wood watch hold up?" but the test of time has made me realize that this watch the real deal!

I was gifted this incredible watch so I can vouch for any gift receiver out there that this watch is perfect for birthdays, holidays and all the above! Have a family member or friend's birthday over seas? JORD makes it easy to shop online with free shipping worldwide. Customize the sizing to fit your wrist (or your friends) perfectly, and set your worries at ease with a 1 year warranty included with the watch. 

It's time for you to try your JORD wood watch at