the gift of engraving

This post is about something that is very personal that I want to share with you all. As many of you know, I lost my brother a year and eight months ago. It's been an unimaginable time learning to cope with the loss of losing someone that I love most in the world, all while trying to continue on with life and figure out some way to make sense of all this.

One of my dearest friends gifted my mom and I with engraved necklaces shortly after Brady's passing and that engraving has become something that is so personal and dear to me. The truth is, the necklace doesn't bring Brady back but it does give me something that I can wear at all times and remember him by.

With each Christmas and Birthday that passes each year since losing Brady makes me search harder and harder for that similar gift to give him just like my mom, sisters and I have. Not only is it hard to find a gift for someone who has lost a loved, but it's been even harder for me to find the right thing to gift my dad to remember his only son by. I tried racking my brain to think of ideas that would involve a signature of some sort and nothing ever seemed to come close until about a few weeks ago. 

Since my dad doesn't have social media I have decided to share this early, in hopes of maybe helping someone who has lost a loved one just like me and needs that perfect gift idea for Christmas. I literally cried when I opened the package that held the engraved watch inside and I have no doubt that it will be such a gift for my dad to finally have that "something" to wear at all times that reminds him of Brady.

This wood engraved watch is probably the best gift I will ever be able to give my dad! On the back of the watch as you see in the photos above is where I had Brady's signature engraved into the wood. This time of year is hard for us and for anyone who has lost a loved one and I am so thankful that Brady's memory can come alive through this special gift I get to give my dad.


If this post is something that strikes a chord with you and is something that you want to gift to a family member or friend make sure you click on this link and enter your email to receive $25 off a wood watch engraving:
I chose the Frankie Dark Sandalwood for my engraved gift but you can also choose from the following options for engraving:
  • JORD can engrave the back plate of the following series: Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35, Frankie, and Conway. The cost of engraving is $35.00, and you can choose block or script engraving.
  • JORD can engrave the side of the cedar wood presentation box that the watch comes in. The cost of engraving is $45.00 and you can choose block or script engraving.
  • For character limitations, please visit the website!
  • Engraving will extend your delivery time by up to 7 business days so plan accordingly, customization is not a last minute thing! 
If you decide to engrave a watch for a loved one, be sure and let me know as I would love to hear your story!